Avon vs. AdvoCare, Which MLM to JOIN?


Which MLM to join what’s the difference?

Lets first take a look at Avon’s compensation plan, because you want to know how to get paid in AVON and how does their pay system work?

MLM’s stand for multi-level marketing companies

In Avon its pretty cheap to get started.

Avon is a 125 year old company and some claim its the best of the best direct selling company in the world, AdvoCare on the other hand was started in 1992 so Avon is wayyyy older than all other MLM companies out there.

Its a 10 billion dollar company and they have over 5 million reps and still growing by the day.

They have single and multi compensation pay plan, so here’s how it starts.

In Avon you start off as representative, this is like other MLM companies, like a ladder system, you gotta start off somewhere right? but as you make more sales, you commission begins to go up.

In AVON this is exactly how it goes…

You start off at 20% commission and then you can go all the way up to 50% commission, this is for your straight direct sales revenue.

When you recruit people you also get to earn from their efforts so you got the incentive to recruit more and more people, that is the nature of all MLM’s.

First goal might be to get to 50% commission, you can get there by selling 78 Avon products which is roughly $700 to $800 worth of products, people with a lot of influence have higher chances of succeeding.

People that have lots of followers on instagram or twitter, or people with lots of facebook friends may get tons of referrals just by posting about their journey with MLM.

Most people want to find ways to make extra money, and so its law of numbers game, where the more people you tell about your opportunity the higher your chances of building a team below you that can generate pretty good money for you.

Some of the pros of picking a well established company like AVON that’s been around for over a century is that you know they are pretty stable and they will be around for a while. The last thing you wanna do is to work tirelessly for a company for years to build a large team and then that company gets attacked by the FTC and get shut down and you just lost all your income over night, like what happened to VEMMA

Its such a shame really.

Think of all the people that lost their pay check and now scrambling to find another means to pay to bills.

When you join company like AVON they are still definitely but the competition might be tougher because you are dealing with the issue of over saturation, when a company is so big, the more people join the tougher it becomes for new comers to succeed. Maybe in your local market, everyone has already been shown about AVON by another representative and you’re the 3rd guy approaching them.

So you want to find the fine balance between stable company that’s been around for a little bit versus company that has been around too long.

This is when pulling up secondary sources of data can be helpful like what is the flow of successful representative in the company?

Is the rate increasing each year or decreasing?

For AdvoCare interestingly their number of big time distributors are increasing and it seems that the company is building momentum as it reaches billion dollar mark recently and still rising.

AVON or AdvoCare its a close call, we will soon take a look at some success stories of both companies to see which one can suit you best.

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