How to get leads outside of warm market for your MLM?


Today I want to talk about the prospecting processing of a MLM.

This is inevitably the question that comes to mind after you decide which MLM to go with, like comparing top companies AdvoCare vs. Avon

And Vemma is out for the count anyway

Most MLM companies I’ve looked into are insufficient in the prospecting process, such as AdvoCare and Avon and others

They teach people to make a list of family and friends and then try to sell to those people because you already have established trust with them.

But how could this approach back fire?

For one, not all of your warm market is truly looking for what you are offering…

Such was the case for myself, can you imagine trying to pitch health supplements to a family that’s not interested in that kind of stuff at all or ever? We are talking about people that never had a gym membership, let alone drank a protein shake. The warm market list is extremely difficult and imo fighting an uphill battle for the most part.

For me the best way to get ideal leads for your MLM business is to actually get targeted leads, this is accomplished by blogging or other online marketing where you create various properties that rank in google that goes after certain keywords.

For example if you are building an AdvoCare business, you can try ranking for search terms like “How to build advocare business in Seattle” or “distributors in Seattle”.

Now there’s few reason I made it pretty specific like that, first of all, when you try to rank for “advocare” that is going to be close to impossible because its too generic and the first page of Google is already dominated by long standing businesses that has filled out the first page.

This is why by going more specific you can begin ranking and banking, much easier. You will get less search results but over time if you were to even get 1 good quality lead per month, that will turn into pretty big sum of change as you rank more keywords in more places.

This is how top earners separate themselves from their competition by ranking things in Google and therefore they get targetted traffic which are people that are already interested in the business, and these people come wandering to your site with your links and the best part about it is, that it can happen while you sleep and take naps.

Your online properties continue to go to work for you while you sleep, eat and drink.

It is what allows you to get leveraged income because once you rank a property it almost always certainly stays up there in the top rankings and it will continue to generate revenue for you. So studying SEO and ranking a powerful blog centered around your MLM can be the most powerful thing you can do, I know in AdvoCare there is site called Computer Knacks that caught my attention because this site is ranking in all kinds of keywords and the blogger isn’t even selling AdvoCare it looks like. His site:

But according to my tools, its getting decent bit of traffic. So really its smart marketing, its capitalizing on the #1 most important marketing space that actually matter and that’s being ranked #1-3 online on Google search result for great keywords that your audience / ideal market could be searching for.

And this is how I was also begin getting ahead of the competition and make a blog few years back that was getting 30,000 hits per month.

I can say that persistence is the most important thing.

-Hope this helps